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12 Ramadhan Programs of YMI 2023

It has been 12 years since YMI raised dhuafa's orphans in the rural of Sumatra and Java. This year, YMI introduced 12 Ramadan programs to open opportunities of alms for Mr/Ms whose loving and obeying by god.

1. Iftar/Break The Fast for 880 Orphans in The Village
20,000 Rupiah per child (ta'jil/sweet food eaten upon breaking the fast and foods)
There were 880 packages per day needed for 30 days Ramadan.

2. Iftar for 60 Teachers in The Far Village Fostered by YMI
Brings joy to teachers at the YMI free schools and teachers living simple lives in rural areas, so that they can experience the blessings of Ramadan.
40.000 rupiah per teachers (Ta'jil/sweet food eaten upon breaking the fast and foods for iftar with their family).

3. Eradicate The Illiterate Population of The Qur'an 'an in The Village
YMI sent teachers to villages in the month of Ramadan to teach Qur'an to village children for about a week.
Rp 650,000 per teachers (for transport from Jakarta to the village destination)
Annotation: Other costs than transport will be borne by YMI.

4. Gebyar Ramadan (The Gleaming of Ramadan)
It's tabligh akbar, the bazaar and exhibition of YMI's student. The event will held at YMI branch Ciputat, South Tangerang . 
52.5 million rupiah was needed for the event.

5. Eid Al-Fitr Feast Clothes for The Village Orphans
Sharing happy in Eid Mubarak. Send 150,000 rupiah per orphan in the village.

6. Share Ketupat on The Eid Day to The Villagers until Rural Areas
For the Eid Al-Fitr to be enjoyed by muslims to the most remote villagers. 55.000 rupiah per family in the village. Ketupat  was Shared by the YMI network in the countryside.
(Ketupat is a typical Indonesian food that is usually enjoyed during eid. Its rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves).

7. Carpet/Praying Mat for The Masjid in The Village
Replace outdated and smelly carpets in the masjid-mushala in the countryside. Charitable (Wakaf) of carpet 200,000 rupiah per meter. It could also be by donating an old Mr/Ms praying mat that is still a viable use.

8. Land Wakaf for The Free YMI School Extension in Pandeglang
It's been 7 years since this free school stood up to send back to school those who dropped out. There are 80 students at the moment. It needs an expanding classroom and room for a fully-loaded student. It is 100,000 rupiah a meter. In a total of 1200 meters of land to be liberated.

9. Land Wakaf for The Expansion of The YMI Cirebon Orphanage
 It's been nine years since this orphanage began. The children were increasingly jostled as they studied because of the small space. Wakaf 2,000,000 rupiah per meter. A total of 100 meters of land to be freed.

10. Land Wakaf for The Expansion of The YMI South Lampung Orphanage
It's been 5 years since this orphanage started. Orphaned children there are growing Numbers (especially at the covid-19). There are 160 foster children at the moment. It is 700,000 rupiah per meter. A total of 342 meters of land to be freed.

11. Wakaf The Pillar for The Construction of The YMI Central Lampung Orphanage
It's building a orphanage over Central Lampung. The foundation is finished. Wakaf Building Mast 600,000 rupiah per Pillar. It takes 18 pillars to support this orphanage.

12. Wakaf Tahfidz Room at The Central YMI
There will be a special room for memorizing The Qur'an Muroja'ah (repeating memorized) and The Ziyadah (a Al-Qur'an memorized). Wakaf 85 million rupiah for 1 tahfidz measuring 6 by 6 meters. Wakaf land is already available in Ciputat (South Tangerang).

All funding transfers from Mr/Ms benefactors will be videotaped and sent live via wa.

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