Terdepan Dalam Memberdayakan Anak Hingga Pelosok Desa


By Adhi Azfar (Director of Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation) 

(A Brief Survey Results against the Trustees and Volunteers of Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation)

Question of volunteerism in Indonesia in the concept is already provided for in law no.11/2009 about Welfare Social. The definition and basic tasks of volunteers has been very clearly set forth in the Act. The derivatives rules like Government regulation, President regulation, Minister regulation and others have also been quite adequate.

In implementing the rules of the law, poor understanding of the volunteers of that rules being problem, at least for those who not long ago joined the volunteers. Often the volunteers was not aware that currently they are working on a job as a volunteer. 

This is found in the short survey about Volunteerism against Trustees and Volunteers of Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation (YMI).

In the question "The Volunteer Organizations what you know and follow?" Only 13.3% of respondents who answered the know and active as volunteers at YMI. Whereas all of they are YMI Volunteer.

The concept is already there, but understanding is still low. Nevertheless, a job as a Volunteer is very enjoyed. There are 93.4% of respondents replied to the activity as a Volunteer is very pleasant though they are not getting wages or fees of any kind. Only 6.6% who felt the difficulty of being a volunteer because of the difficulty of funding.

Religious atsmosphere coloring spirit of volunteers activity. In the survey against Trustees and Volunteers of YMI, entirely replied that the main factors that encourage the willingness of volunteering is the desire of sharing spirit, give benefit to many people and get the reward of God's hand. 

Some of the volunteers reveal the outpouring of his heart that natural selection is bound to happen. Originally a volunteers is a lot, but the willingness to work and poor mindset that causes many volunteers stopped in the middle of the programs, or simply complete one or two programs only.

Associated with the management of volunteers, 55% of respondents answered its already nice and meet the standards, even though there are some that need to be fixed. While 45% others said a lot of problem in volunteer management especially volunteers in rural area and remote villages. 

A proliferation of institutions of volunteerism that each had its own mechanisms, need to be arranged in order to be synergistic. Expect a large Indonesian organization like Dompet Dhuafa and PKPU could lead the coordination, synchronization and synergy between institutions of volunteerism. #

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