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Profile Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation

Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation or abbreviated YMI (Yayasan Munashoroh Indonesia) is The Foundation engaged in the education of the village children, until Remote Villages in Indonesia. 

Now, YMI build 683 children in 21 villages in Sumatra and Java. YMI Send back children’s village who dropped out of school. In 2018, from 683 protege Foundation, there were 11 who have already graduated from high school and College at the University in Indonesia. 

Foster care who studies in Jakarta spread across several Campuses, State University of Jakarta (UNJ), STEI SEBI (Economics and Banking), University of Pamulang, STIKIM (Health Sciences high school)  and others. 21Villages assisted of YMI is distributed in Sumatra and Java. That is South Lampung, East Lampung, Pandeglang, Sukabumi, Bekasi, Cirebon, Kuningan, Pemalang, and Boyolali. 

The majority of foster care YMI are those who no longer have a father and mother. They were constructed in guesthouses YMI in corners of the village. YMI also developed a free school (junior level) for the children of the village, its proximity to the residences foster care.

YMI have gotten a formal legal endorsement as organization from The Government of Indonesia. Notary, Endorsement from the Ministry of Justice and Operational Permit from Social Office of Government of DKI Jakarta, as follows. 

Akte Notaris Hasan Zaini Zainal, SH No.2 Tahun 2003

Endorsement Ministry of Justice
No AHU.888.AH.01.04.Tahun.2010

Operational Permit

Together The YMI 
Send The Orphans at The Corners of The Village 

Website : www.munashoroh.org

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