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Lesson From Count Me In Training Malaysia

Training for NGO (Non-Government Organization) and Foundation organized by NAMA Foundation, Count Me In Training held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 7-15 July 2018. A lot of experience, knowledge, new story, new mind set and paradigm, new spirit obtained from  the training.

Participants from Asia, Africa and Europe attend the training. Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, Kirgystan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria eager to follow training which is trained by Doctor from Kansas University, Jerry Schultz, Ph.D and Vincent Fransisco, Ph.D. YMI (Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation) also attend this training represented by Chairman Adhi Azfar. 

"There is three words to describe this training. It's amazing, Change Mindset and Increase Knowledge," Adhi said. 

Amazing means we meet so many people whom is smart, clever, have many experience but still humble. They are all good person, give benefit to many people who needs help without compensation. This is amazing training especially while field trip to NGO in Malaysia, Salam Foundation, Haluan Malaysia and Kindness Malaysia.

They have spirit to build organization for help any people. This is refer to the word from Rasulullah SAW, "Khairunnas Anfa'uhum Linnas, The Best of you is who give many benefit to other people." (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

Secondly is change Mindset. Before training, mayority participants didn't knew about Volunteer Concept and system. About recruitmen, training and mantain volunteer. This training teaches that recruiting and keeping volunteers was very possible and easy to do. 

The last is Increase Knowledge. We have to be human beings who keep learning. Never ending learn. Times change, new knowledge emerges. Topics about VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objective and Strategy), How to promote Health Community, Social Marketing Campaign, Increasing Membership, have Increase knowledge training participants. It will be shared and distributed to other people especially to their organization in each country. 

Congratulations for all trainer, participants and especially for NAMA Foundation. High appreciation for you all. May Allah bless you. #

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