Terdepan Dalam Memberdayakan Anak Hingga Pelosok Desa

Let's Support Orphans in Remote Villages

(Yayasan Munashoroh Indonesia)

Notarial Deed : Hasan Zaini Zaenal, SH Number 2 / 10 Juli 2003

Headquarters : Jl. Raya Pondok Kelapa, Blok A11 No.12 B, Komplek Ruko Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta.Telp. 0822.11092410 / 0838.1324.0255. www.munashoroh.org

No : 008/YMI.PUSAT/XII/2017

Subject : Application for Financial Support for Orphans in Remote Villages

To whom it may concern

With Respect,
We are the foundations managers enganged in social and education for orphans and the poor in remote villages. Since 2010, we have resettled village children whom dropped out of school, fostered and raised their motivation

At the end of 2017, Indonesian Solidarity Foundation (Yayasan Munashoroh Indonesia) intends to collect the village's children in Leadership Camp activities in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, on Sunday-Monday, 24-25 December 2017. There are 168 remote village children from a total of 653 orphans and poorly trained by Foundation that will gather there. They come from various village in Lampung to Boyolali (Central Java).

We intend to invite anyone who is concerned  to empowerment of the village children, to donate funds for the Leadership Camp activities for orphans.

Please contact us, Yuyun Artika 0852-9581-5475.

Hopefully the spirit of the village children can be increased by your supporting.

Various activities of remote village children and Foundation activities can be accessed at www.munashoroh.org.

Thank you for attention.

Jakarta, Dec 12, 2017
Best Regards,

Adhi Azfar, ST, ME
Foundation Chairman
Ph.0822.1109.2410 (WA)

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